ShortlyAI Review – Your AI Writing Partner

ShortlyAI Review – Your AI Writing Partner
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AI writing software has become as creative and intuitive as the people who create them.

ShortlyAI was designed to make content creators easier. It allows users to create the perfect format for their article, and the software will do the rest.

ShortlyAI promises to end all forms of writer’s block, poor formatting, and other problems. It’s the only writing aid you will ever need.

This ShortlyAI review will show you how it performs in light of the high standards it sets for itself.

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a writing software which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate text. This app helps content creators and marketers write better content with a simple, but powerful user interface.

It works in the same way as other AI writing tools. You will need to enter some data before it can create any content.

In addition, ShortlyAI has AI-styled content assistant features. These features make article writing and content creation much easier.

For example, when you write a few lines using the app, such as an introduction, and click on the “write for me” feature, the AI writer will automatically take over where you left off.

This is a unique approach that few other AI writing tools offer. This is a refreshing change.

Don’t worry about article formatting or content writing. Instead, focus on something else.

ShortlyAI is a quick way to generate original and creative text and can be tailored for different audiences.

Writer’s block can be a miserable condition. Let ShortlyAI get you out of this dreaded blinking cursor!

How does ShortlyAI work ?

There are two ways to get ShortlyAI machine to write for you :

Shortly AI works

  • Use Write for me

The ShortlyAI Write For Me button. Click the “Write for Me” button whenever you get stuck and want your AI assistant to do the writing.

  • Using Slash Commands

You can use the Shortly AI Slash commands to make your AI more powerful.

Highlighting text and using the appropriate keyboard shortcut is the easiest way to use this command. You can also type the command in square brackets and click the Write for me’ option, e.g. /instruct [write about…]

ShortlyAI is an online writing tool that uses the GPT-3 model for creating amazing content.

The GPT-3 model is short for Generative Pretrained Transformer 3. It allows you to quickly generate content.

ShortlyAI functions exactly like a personal assistant.

It allows you to organize and format your website copy and blog posts.

The app works better and is more intuitive the more you use it to write.

It also knows how to grab the attention of the reader. It has been trained in several styles of article writing using examples that have captured people’s interest in the past.

It also knows which words and phrases are most commonly used in headlines, subtitles, and other headings. And it can use them intelligently and uniquely.

It’s also designed to help the writer understand the topic and generate valuable content ideas.

Who should use ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is for content writers and bloggers, novel authors, business owners, marketers, as well as other users.

  • Anyone who is interested in writing content on a daily basis
  • Everyone who wishes to cut down on time spent writing content
  • Anyone who doesn’t know how content writing works
  • Anybody who works full-time, or has a very hectic schedule.
  • Anyone who is interested in writing ads copy, emails, and other content in less than a minute
  • Everyone who is looking to cut down on the cost of hiring copywriters and content writers.
  • Anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their content.

Pros and Cons of ShortlyAI

These are some advantages and disadvantages of ShortlyAI :

The pros

  • It is easy to use
  • Availability of simple but powerful interface
  • It can be used to generate different kinds of content that are suitable for different purposes
  • Regardless of the subscription plan you are using, Shortly AI offers unlimited words credit
  • It’s very fast
  • Minimal interface
  • Complete freedom
  • It has human-like quality and creativity
  • Shortly AI has a very strong bond with Grammarly
  • Availability of powerful commands for making the tasks a lot easier; etc

The cons

  • It always provides wrong statistics and inadequate pricing data and as such, you’ll have to correct it
  • Lack of integration
  • Limited features (it is mostly suitable for long-form content and stories)

Features of ShortlyAI

After having explained the concept as an excellent copywriting tool, it is time to highlight some of its benefits.

Simple user interface

Shortly’s user interface (UI) is simple, but powerful. It is very simple, and it focuses on their text editing and writing app.

Logging in to your dashboard will only show you a page and a link for “start writing”.

interface of Shortly AI

Comparing this to other writing software, ShortlyAI is the most user-friendly writing program I have ever seen.

There is no long list of menus and options to scare you out of your wits, no several buttons, just a snippet of recent work done on the app, and the “New” button to start a new work.

This interface would make you think that ShortlyAI doesn’t have lots of features, whereas it does have.

Rather than the long list of options,ShortlyAI gives you two options regarding the type of content you want to work on; blog and story.

And so far, it produces the best quality of long-form content compared to the rest in the industry.

Article brief

The Shortly Writing app’s ability to read your brief is another interesting feature.

You’ll notice a small box that allows you to add an article brief while creating new content within the app text editor.

You can use the box to give an overview of your article or write a few lines. This will allow the AI to get a better idea of what you are looking for and provide potentially better outputs.

Output Length

You can use the editor to create an article. A slider allows you to adjust the article word count and the amount of text that will be generated when you click on the “write for me” button.

This feature is vital as many AI writing tools don’t have the ability to generate longer text.

If you find that your output wordcount or text quality are below your expectations, then you can adjust the output length. This is a great way to improve your experience.

My preferred method is to reduce the output per section and work it step-by-step until you have a long-form article.

You’ll get a higher quality product.

ShortlyAI “Write for Me” feature

The ‘write for me’ feature can be a great help if you get stuck.

Simply press “write for me” and the ShortlyAI generator will appear. It will continue where you left off in your voice.

You can also choose to cancel the results or press the “regenerate” button to get a better outcome.

You won’t have any trouble using the text editor, which is similar to Google Docs.

Availability of text commands

Additionally, there is the availability of text commands feature on ShortlyAI

This feature allows the user to use the main menu’s writing functions to conduct deep research on a keyword.

You can instruct the to write about Colorado’s weather conditions.

You can then refine your instruction by adding any sign (let’s call plus or minus) to the end of the root keywords that you want the writing instrument to talk about or write about.

If you wrote, “Write about the current weather situation in Colorado” – etc. + Raining – Sunny” – etc. This is asking the app to focus more on rainy weather than on Sunny!

Shortly also has many other text commands that can be used to writer’s advantage.

These commands include /expand, /rewrite and /shorten.

Original and unique text output

This AI article writing software is notable for its ability to generate unique, value-driven and original text output, regardless of user’s preferred word count.

This means that whatever your output on Shortly writing is, it is completely original and unique.

If you do a plagiarism check, there will not be any red flags.

Availability of handy slider

A handy slider is also available on the Shortly App.

This feature allows you to modify the amount of article generated, or the word count that the tool generates each time.

Compare direct purchase price and group buy price ShortlyAI at Tool Youtube

Price from the official website

price from the official website

ShortlyAI comes with two distinctive pricing plans; monthly and yearly plans.

  • The monthly subscription plan costs $79 for an unlimited number of words throughout the month.

This particular plan is recommended for freelance writers with few clients or business owners with limited resources.

  • On the other hand, the yearly subscription plan will cost $65 every month ( to be multiplied by 12 months).

Since you’ll be paying yearly, a 40% discount will be given to you.

In addition, this subscription payment equates to two months of unlimited access to ShortlyAI for free. Perhaps, there’s no better way to save costs than going for the yearly plan.

The plan is great for copywriters, bloggers, and top business enterprises.

Price of group buy ShortlyAI at Tool Youtube

group buy shortly ai pricing

We offer 4 plans that you can choose :

  • Trial : $2
  • Monthly : $15
  • 6 months : $55
  • Annual : $85

Conclusion of ShortlyAI Review

In summary, ShortlyAI is the one tool if you want everything kind of in one nice blank canvas, where you have all the power to do what you need with the AI and you get unlimited generations, so you can spread your wings and write, experiment and just try the AI whenever you want.

So, for all these reasons alone, ShortlyAI is one of the best AI writing assistants available right now and the founder is incredible too.

Always inventing new ways to make Shortly better without changing or disrupting the already amazing writing experience.

So that’s our ShortlyAI review and for this type of interface and the power that is underneath all this, it’s an excellent deal and we think you should definitely try it out.

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What is CopyAI ?

CopyAI is another AI copywriting service with a big collection of tools to choose from. With CopyAI, you can even generate content for personal purposes such as greeting cards, birthday cards, and love letters

CopyAI and ShortlyAI are both capable of producing high-quality content buth with ShortlyAI, you will only get to create blogs, essays, stories, and other longer forms of content. If you are looking to generate social media ads, product descriptions, headlines, and brand missions, ShortlyAI won’t be of much help.


Price from the official website

  • Free plan
  • Pro : $35 / month

Price of group buy CopyAI

  • Annual : $65


What is CopySmith ?

One of the main features of Copysmith is a built-in plagiarism checker to make sure that your copies are original, giving it an edge over its competitors. ShortlyAI makes sure that all contents generated are unique and that they pass all common plagiarism checkers.

Copysmith makes use of a credit system while ShortlyAI offers unlimited access to all its tool. A big difference is that Copysmith offers a much wider range of tools to choose from whereas ShortlyAI focuses mainly on longer forms of content such as blogs and stories. Copysmith’s professional plan will allow generation of long content forms. However, it doesn’t quite compare to the quality of ShortlyAI’s results.

Price from the official website


  • Monthly : $19
  • Yearly : $192


  • Monthly : $59
  • Yearly : $600

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